restricted access   Issue 110, 2013

Table of Contents


Crying For the Razor in Dar es Salaam

pp. 1-13

Back to Birmingham: 1963: fifty years later

pp. 14-29

Precise Medicine: reflections on architecture with David Adjaye

pp. 30-53


pp. 54-70

Fais Do-Do: a selection of African American poetry

p. 55

A South Carolina State of Nation Mind, and: Eating Vegetarian in Taichung with Chien Cheng-chen

pp. 56-57

Cracker, and: Grandpop's Creed

pp. 60-61

Lately, summer

pp. 62-63

Fais Do-Do, and: Cadaver

pp. 66-67

Asunda's Story

pp. 68-69

Seeds of Secession: Sudanese leftist meditations on the Addis Ababa Agreement and the southern question

pp. 73-89

The Open Door of Paradise: an excerpt from Contours du jour qui vient (2006)

pp. 90-101

Speechless in San Francisco: inter-viewing films by Barry Jenkins and James Baldwin

pp. 102-119

The Human Project: utopia, dystopia, and the black heroine in Children of Men and 28 Days Later

pp. 120-135

Square Roots: revolution-by-number

pp. 136-140

Shouting Down the Walls or a Mess of Pottage?

pp. 141-153

Notes on Contributors

pp. 154-158

About the Cover

p. 159