Volume 49, Number 1, Winter 2013

Table of Contents


pp. v-ix


  Plum Perfect, and: The Map of the Forest, and: Altered States

p. 1

  In/Exhaustible, and: The Language of Happiness, and: Correspondence

pp. 4-5

  To My Muse, and: Aphorisms for a Lonely Planet

p. 27

  Junk, and: A Moment

pp. 30-31


pp. 34-35

  Penillion of James Ward’s Eye and Muzzle of a Cow (Drawing), and: Penillion of Riding Past the Radio Astronomy Observatory Amid Hedges and Fields

pp. 56-57

  Fresco, and: Burial, and: Three Attempts to Understand Suffering, and: South of Jacksonville

p. 60

  Marked, and: The Hawk, and: The Hunters, and: Nest, and: Storybook, and: Splinter, and: Mountain Child

pp. 78-79

  Not one single further sorrow, and: [Let’s say you forgot me]

p. 95


p. 97

  Under the Sun, and: Smooth Dark Stone

p. 98

  Imago Mundi

pp. 116-117

  The Art of Living, and: New Year

p. 118

  The Angry Man

pp. 120-121

  Sawdust Mountain

pp. 135-137

  Vixit, Chaoniae

pp. 138-139

  Fidelis, and: Confession

p. 150

  A Story of Small Subversions

pp. 152-153

  Alligators, and: Cleveland, Ohio

pp. 164-165

  Releasing a Tree, and: Exposures, and: In Praise of Lichens

p. 169


  We’re Here

pp. 10-26


pp. 36-55

  The Manhattan Lunch: Two Versions

pp. 65-77

  The Great Leader

pp. 140-149

  The Elephant Walk

pp. 154-163


  The Vanishing Point

pp. 100-115

  The Strong Man and the Clown

pp. 122-134

Visual Art

  Artist’s Statement

pp. 86-94