restricted access   Volume 49, Number 1, February 2013

Table of Contents

The Changing Nature of Scholarly Communication: A Forum

Introduction: Scholarly Communication and German Studies

pp. 1-2

Mobilizing Knowledge: Re-visioning Research Dissemination, or Don’t Yell at the TV – Be on TV

pp. 3-8

Accounting for Scholarship in the University 2.0: Knowledge Production and Dissemination under the Conditions of Global Knowledge Economies

pp. 9-14

Notes on Opening Access to German Studies

pp. 15-19


Emine Sevgi Özdamar’s Translingual Poetics in Mutterzunge

pp. 20-37

Creative Destruction: Karl Kraus and the Paradox of Satire

pp. 38-51

Landscapes of the Mind: The Spatial Configuration of Mathematics in Hermann Broch’s Die Unbekannte Größe

pp. 52-67

Von Patmos nach Bayreuth: Apokalyptik und Androgynität in Richard Wagners Parsifal

pp. 68-90


Vernacular and Latin Literary Discourses of the Muslim Other in Medieval Germany by Jerold C. Frakes (review)

pp. 91-93

Berliner Chic: A Locational History of Berlin Fashion by Susan Ingram and Katrina Sark (review)

pp. 93-96

Der Orient der Frauen: Reiseberichte deutschsprachiger Auto-rinnen im frühen 19. Jahrhundert by Ulrike Stamm (review)

pp. 96-98