restricted access   Volume 55, Number 4, Autumn 2012

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Synthetic Life: Scientific, Historical, and Ethical Perspectives

Introduction to the Symposium on Synthetic Life

pp. 467-469

Editors' Introduction to Special Issue

pp. 470-472

Symposium Articles

Synthetic Genomics and the Construction of a Synthetic Bacterial Cell

pp. 473-489

Synthetic Biology: Programming Cells for Biomedical Applications

pp. 490-502

The Fusion of Biology, Computer Science, and Engineering: Towards Efficient and Successful Synthetic Biology

pp. 503-520

Crystals, Colloids, or Molecules?: Early Controversies about the Origin of Life and Synthetic Life

pp. 521-542

Synthetic Biology: A Challenge to Mechanical Explanations in Biology?

pp. 543-553

Synthetic Biology and the Golem of Prague: Philosophical Reflections on a Suggestive Metaphor

pp. 554-570

Synthetic Biology: A Jewish View

pp. 571-580

Is There Anything Unique in the Ethics of Synthetic Biology?

pp. 581-589

Ethical and Regulatory Challenges Posed by Synthetic Biology

pp. 590-607

Final Discussion: Issues and Challenges for the Future

pp. 608-611

Additional Article

Beyond Popper and Polanyi: Leonor Michaelis, a Critical and Passionate Pioneer of Research at the Interface of Medicine, Enzymology, and Physical Chemistry

pp. 612-626


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