restricted access   Volume 28, Number 1, Winter 2013

Table of Contents

Readers Respond

pp. 3-6


Get Money Out of Politics

pp. 7-12

How Do We Get Money Out of Politics?

pp. 13-67

Politics & Society

Co-ops: A Good Alternative?

pp. 15-69

Special Section: Justice in the City

Justice in the City

pp. 18-23

Islamic Law and the Boundaries of Social Responsibility

pp. 23-69

We Are One Body: A Christian Perspective on Justice in the City

pp. 25-27

Beyond the Limits of Love: Building the Religious Counterculture

pp. 28-30

Healing the Miser Within: The Kabbalah of Giving and Receiving

pp. 31-34

Community Reparations to Transform Community Desolation

pp. 35-37

Trauma as a Potential Source of Solidarity

pp. 38-42

Searching for Solidarity in an Atomized Society

pp. 43-44

Rethinking Religion

A Spirituality of the Commons: Where Religion and Marxism Meet

pp. 45-71

The Path of the Parent: How Children Can Enrich Your Spiritual Life

pp. 49-51


The Sudden Angel Affrighted Me: God Wrestling in Denise Levertov's Life and Art

pp. 52-58


A Poet's Meditation on Force

pp. 58-60

New Poems in an Ancient Language

pp. 61-62

The Magic of Organizing?

pp. 63-64


Morning Blessings

p. 71

An Alphabet

p. 72