restricted access   Volume 38, Number 2, Issue 75, Winter 2012

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29 Ways of Looking at the Oblique in A/r/tography

pp. 1-5

Introduction to Visual Arts Research Special Issue on A/r/tography

pp. 6-10


pp. 11-12

Quality Criteria in Visual A/r/tography Photo Essays: European Perspectives After Daumier’s Graphic Ideas

pp. 13-25

Migrancy Journeys

pp. 26-27

Research Into Practice and A/r/tography: A Study of Kinship

pp. 28-38

The Billboard Poetry Project

pp. 39-40

The Exquisite Corpse as A/r/t: Bodied Troublings of Qualitative Research-as-Usual

pp. 41-55

Recovery: Stitches and Scars

pp. 56-57

Paradox in A/r/tography: Collective Short Animated Film-Making for Social Inclusion

pp. 58-68

Conductive Transmission

pp. 69-70

A Conversation About A/r/tography: What Are the Qualities of Living Inquiry That Foster a Qualitative Whole in Art Education?

pp. 71-82

Math Is Surreal

pp. 83-84

A/r/tography and Place Ontology

pp. 85-96

My Arctic: Broken Silence, Broken Earth

pp. 97-98

Dewey Through A/r/tography

pp. 99-109

A/R/Tographic Back Tracks

pp. 110-111

Decolonizing the Divine Through Co-A/r/tographic Praxis in Matrixial Borderspaces

pp. 112-125

The A/r/tographer

pp. 126-127


pp. 128-129