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From the Editor

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Malay Theatre Today - Articles

Innovation for Survival?: Dama Orchestra’s Butterfly Lovers—The Musical on a Contemporary Multiracial Malaysian Stage

pp. 339-356

Kee Thuan Chye’s Political Plays: An Analysis

pp. 357-378

Revisiting Pencak Silat: The Malay Martial Arts in Theatre Practice and Actor Training

pp. 379-401

Malaysian Theatre Resources

pp. 402-418

Malay Theatre Today - Forum on Mak Yong 2003-2011

Staging Raja Tangkai Hati at Istana Budaya: Modernizing Malaysian Mak Yong

pp. 419-436

Reviewing Makyung Dewa Indera, Indera Dewa

pp. 437-444

Report: The Mak Yong Spiritual Dance Heritage Conference, Performances, and Workshops

pp. 445-460

Malay Theatre Today - Performance Review

The Secret Life of Nora (review)

pp. 461-465

General Articles

Revitalizing Arja in Globalized Bali

pp. 466-494

Ali Nassirian and a Modern Iranian “National” Theatre

pp. 495-527

Memorializing Colonialism: Images of the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia in Japanese Popular Theatre

pp. 528-549

Eyescape: Aesthetics of “Seeing” in Kudiyattam

pp. 550-570

Media Review

Kabuki for the West (review)

pp. 571-573

Book Reviews

In Search of Korean Traditional Opera: Discourses of Ch’anggŭk (review)

pp. 574-576

La Fête-spectacle: Théâtre et rite au Nepal (review)

pp. 576-577

The Dancing Word: An Embodied Approach to the Preparation of Performers and the Composition of Performances (review)

pp. 577-580

British South Asian Theatres: A Documented History (review)

pp. 580-582

The Orientations Trilogy: Theatre and Gender: Asia and Europe (review)

pp. 582-584

Books Received

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