restricted access   Volume 7, Issue 3, 2012

Table of Contents

Lead Essays

DIY Producer Society

pp. 3-10

The Maker Movement

pp. 11-14

An American Renaissance: How It Is Happening, How to Nudge It Along, Why We Should Care

pp. 15-24

The Future of Manufacturing: The United States Stirs

pp. 25-34

Case Narratives

How Inexpensive RFID Is Revolutionizing the Supply Chain: Innovations Case Narrative: The Electronic Product Code

pp. 35-52

Toward an Open Source Civilization: Innovations Case Narrative: Open Source Ecology

pp. 53-70


Advancing Manufacturing to New Frontiers: Increasing Opportunities for Society

pp. 71-81

High-Tech, High-Touch, and Manufacturing’s Triple Bottom Line

pp. 83-95

Perspectives on Policy

Reinventing American Manufacturing: The Role of Innovation

pp. 97-125

America’s Two Systems of Innovation: Innovation for Production in Fostering U.S. Growth

pp. 127-154

The Future of National Manufacturing Policy

pp. 155-178

Why the United States Needs a National Manufacturing Strategy

pp. 179-191

The Need for a New Understanding of Manufacturing and Industrial Policy in Leading Economies

pp. 193-202