restricted access   Volume 28, Number 2-3, April 2003

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From: Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

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News and Notes

pp. 565-566

News from Affiliated Organizations

pp. 567-568


Introduction: Who Shall Lead?

pp. 181-194

Part 1-The Public Sector: A New Federalism?

Agency, Contract, and Governance: Shifting Shapes of Accountability in the Health Care Arena

pp. 195-215

Three Meanings of Capacity; Or, Why the Federal Government Is Most Likely to Lead on Insurance Access Issues

pp. 217-244

Leading the Health Policy Orchestra: The Need for an Intergovernmental Partnership

pp. 245-270

Power to the People? Restoring Citizen Participation

pp. 271-288

Part 2-The Private Sector: A New Industry?

Is the Doctor In? The Evolving Role of Organized Medicine in Health Policy

pp. 289-316

Employers: Passive Purchasers or Provocateurs?

pp. 317-340

The Politics of Managed Competition: Public Abuse of the Private Interest

pp. 341-353

Reform and Remembrance: The Place of the Private Sector in the Future of Health Care Policy

pp. 355-385

Part 3-New Sources of Change?

Unfinished Business: How Litigation Relates to Health Care Regulation

pp. 387-419

Who Shall Lead: Is There a Future for Population Health?

pp. 421-442

The Skeptic's Guide to a Movement for Universal Health Insurance

pp. 443-471

No Exit and the Organization of Voice in Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

pp. 473-507

Part 4-Commentaries

Unchanging New Leadership

pp. 509-515

Shadow Governance: The Political Construction of Health Policy Leadership

pp. 517-524


Public Health and Law: Past and Future Visions

pp. 525-552

Health Equities Worldwide

pp. 552-556

Holding Health Care Accountable: Law and the New Medical Marketplace (review)

pp. 556-560

The New Politics of State Health Policy (review)

pp. 561-563


pp. 569-574