restricted access   Volume 44, Number 3, Fall 2001

Table of Contents

Introduction: Modernism and Anti-theatricality

pp. 275-283

Anti-theatricality and the Limits of Naturalism

pp. 284-299

Anti-theatricality in Twentieth-Century Opera

pp. 300-317

Conrad's Adaptation: Theatricality and Cosmopolitanism

pp. 318-336

Clown Shows: Anti-Theatricalist Theatricalism in Four Twentieth-Century Plays

pp. 337-354

Modernism and Anti-theatricality: An Afterword

pp. 355-361


Extreme Exposure: An Anthology of Solo Performance Texts from the Twentieth Century ed. by Jo Bonney, and: Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties ed. by Linda Montano (review)

pp. 362-368

Stanislavsky in Focus by Sharon M. Carnicke, and: Twentieth Century Actor Training ed. by Alison Hodge, and: Acting Emotions: Shaping Emotions on Stage by Elly A. Konijn, and: Method Acting Reconsidered: Theory, Practice, Future ed. by David Krasner, and: On Actors and Acting by Peter Thomson (review)

pp. 369-379


pp. 380-381