restricted access   Volume 36, Number 2, October 2012

Table of Contents


The Philosophy of Casanova

pp. 271-284

History Plays as History

pp. 285-300

Beyond the Pale of Forgiveness: The Touchstone of Simon

pp. 301-315

“All Drifting Reefwards Now”: Nietzsche, Stoker, and the Shock of the New

pp. 316-329

Human Nature and Holocaust: Understanding Levinas’s Account of Ethics Through Levi and Wiesel

pp. 330-346

Ethics and the Third Party in Iris Murdoch’s The Green Knight

pp. 347-362

Looking at the Meaning of Life Hydra-Scopically: Diderot and the Value of the Human

pp. 363-377

Reason and Value in Plato

pp. 378-390

The Inescapable Metaphor: How Time and Meaning Become Space When We Think about Narrative

pp. 391-403

Symposium: George Eliot, Philosopher

Adam Bede’s Dutch Realism and the Novelist’s Point of View

pp. 404-423

Spinoza, Adam Bede, Knowledge, and Sympathy: A Reply to Atkins

pp. 424-440

George Eliot, Kant, and Free Will

pp. 441-456

Notes and Fragments

The Reversal of Value in The Turn of the Screw

pp. 457-464

Diminishing I’s: The Unnamable’s Absent Subjecthood and the Disintegration of Meaning in the Face of Foucault’s Panopticon

pp. 465-475

An Issue for Schopenhauer: Whither the Moral Orange?

pp. 476-482

Failures in Writing and Reading: On Zadie Smith’s “Fail Better”

pp. 483-489

Readers’ Responses

On Immortality and Significance: A Response to Aaron Smuts

pp. 490-495

Critical Discussions

Melville in the Shallows

pp. 496-503

Developing Lines

Forgiveness and Literature

pp. 504-512