restricted access   Volume 102, Number 2/3, Spring/Summer 2003

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From: The South Atlantic Quarterly

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Notes on Contributors

pp. 663-666



pp. 283-292

The AKP and Normalizing Democracy in Turkey

pp. 293-308

Turkey 2002: Kemalism, Islamism, and Politics in the Light of the February 28 Process

pp. 309-332

Turkey, a "Secular" State?: The Challenge of Description

pp. 333-350

Occidentalism: The Historical Fantasy of the Modern

pp. 351-379

Whatever Happened to Secularization?: The Multiple Islams in Turkey

pp. 381-395

Humoring the State

pp. 396-403

Living Islam in the Diaspora: Between Turkey and Germany

pp. 405-431

Nationalist Discourses in Turkey

pp. 433-451

The Place of the Economy in Turkish Society

pp. 453-470

Turkey and the World in Twenty-Five Years: Thinking about the Future

pp. 471-489

Labor to Culture: Writing Turkish Migration to Europe

pp. 491-508

National Myths and Self-Na(rra)tions: Mustafa Kemal's Nutuk and Halide Edib's Memoirs and The Turkish Ordeal

pp. 509-527

A Prisoner of Language: The Strange Case of Modern Turkish Poetry

pp. 529-534

Car Narratives: A Subgenre in Turkish Novel Writing

pp. 535-550

Allegorical Lives: The Public and the Private in the Modern Turkish Novel

pp. 551-566

"Our Master, the Novice": On the Catastrophic Births of Modern Turkish Poetry

pp. 567-598

Dandies and Originals: Authenticity, Belatedness, and the Turkish Novel

pp. 599-628

Belated Modernity and Modernity as Belatedness in Tutunamayanlar

pp. 629-645

Ottoman Past and Turkish Future: Ambivalence in A. H. Tanpinar's Those outside the Scene

pp. 647-661