restricted access   Volume 48, Number 1, Winter 2013

Table of Contents


The Effect of Housing Wealth on College Choice: Evidence from the Housing Boom

pp. 1-35

Prenatal Sex Selection and Missing Girls in China: Evidence from the Diffusion of Diagnostic Ultrasound

pp. 36-70

Discrimination Begins in the Womb: Evidence of Sex-Selective Prenatal Investments

pp. 71-113

Women’s Inheritance Rights and Intergenerational Transmission of Resources in India

pp. 114-141

Do Mothers Decide?: The Impact of Preferences in Healthcare

pp. 142-168

The Motherhood Earnings Dip: Evidence from Administrative Records

pp. 169-197

Incorporating Employee Heterogeneity into Default Rules for Retirement Plan Selection

pp. 198-235

Noncognitive Skills and the Gender Disparities in Test Scores and Teacher Assessments: Evidence from Primary School

pp. 236-264