restricted access   Volume 39, 2012

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From: History in Africa

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Ongoing Transitions – Editors’ Introduction

pp. 1-7

Critical Source Analysis

“Just a First Sketchy Makeshift”: German Travellers and Their Cartographic Encounters in Africa, 1850–1914

pp. 9-39

Canonical Conventions in Rwanda: Four Myths of Recent Historiography in Central Africa

pp. 41-76

Exploring the Potential of Praise Poems for Historical Reconstruction among the Idepe-Ikale in Southeastern Yorubaland

pp. 77-96

Native Foreigners and the Ambiguity of Order and Identity: The Case of African Diasporas and Islamic Law in British Cameroon

pp. 97-122

History in Novels and Memoirs: Alfons Vermeulen on Rural Congo (1899–1904)

pp. 123-142

Slavery Debates

Demystifying “Islamic Slavery”: Using Legal Practices to Reconstruct the End of Slavery in Fes, Morocco

pp. 143-174

Reconstructing the Life Histories of Liberated Africans: Sierra Leone in the Early Nineteenth Century

pp. 175-207

Enslaved Population and Indian Owners Along the East African Coast: Exploring the Rigby Manumission List, 1860–1861

pp. 209-239

Urban Issues

Researching Colonial Childhoods: Images and Representations of Children in Nigerian Newspaper Press, 1925–1950

pp. 241-266

Gender and Ethnic Relations in Sierra Leone: Temne Women in Colonial Freetown

pp. 267-292

The Politics of Land and Urban Space in Colonial Accra

pp. 293-329

Archive Reports

Arabic Manuscripts in the Arewa House (Kaduna, Nigeria)

pp. 331-336

Two Previously Unknown Letters from Hastings Kamuzu Banda, Written from Edinburgh, 1938, Archived at the University of Cape Town

pp. 337-354

The Jeremy Newman Papers: A New Historical Source for Colonial Kenya and the Kamba

pp. 355-359

The Road to Moscow: On Archival Sources Concerning the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers in the Comintern Archive

pp. 361-393