restricted access   Volume 13, Number 2, Summer 1970

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From: Modern Drama

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The Contributors

p. iii


J. M. Synge's Playboy: A Necessary Reassessment

pp. 111-128

A Rare Theatrical Journal: The Arthurian Theatre Magazine

pp. 129-132

The Logic of Illogic: Ionesco's Victims of Duty

pp. 133-138

Athol Fugard's Hello and Goodbye

pp. 139-155

Note: Sean O'Casey Bibliography

p. 155

The Rugged Individualists of Henry De Montherlant

pp. 156-168

The Relationship of Setting and Idea in Peer Gynt

pp. 169-173

Fernando Arrabal and the New Theater of Obsession

pp. 174-183

A Reading of The Firebugs

pp. 185-190

A New Look at the Drama of "Job"

pp. 191-200

Some Attitudes and a Posture: Religious Metaphor and Ritual in Tennessee Williams' Query of the American God

pp. 201-215

Samuel Beckett's Embers: "A Matter of Fundamental Sounds"

pp. 216-225

Book Reviews

An O'Neill Concordance by J. Russell Reaver (review)

pp. 226-228

The Discording of Eugene O'Neill: A Companion Piece.

pp. 228-229

Brecht-Dialog 1968: Politik auf dem Theater ed. by Werner Hecht (review)

pp. 229-230

Negro Playwrights in the American Theatre, 1925-1959 by Doris E. Abramson (review)

p. 231

Antonin Artaud, Man of Vision by Bettina Knapp (review)

pp. 231-232

Shaw The Dramatist by Louis Crompton (review)

pp. 233-234

Recollections of George Bernard Shaw: The Private Life of the Public Man—Revealed by Those Who Knew Him Best by R. J. Minney (review)

pp. 234-235

Language and Laughter: Comic Diction in the Plays of Bernard Shaw by John A. Mills (review)

p. 236