restricted access   Volume 12, Number 4, Winter 1969

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From: Modern Drama

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South Africa's Plague: One View of The Blood Knot

pp. 331-345

R. C. Trevelyan and His Edwardian Sisyphus

pp. 346-356


p. 356

The Grotesque Children of The Rose Tattoo

pp. 357-369

Contemporary Serbian Drama: Several Layers of Reality

pp. 370-376

O'Neill's Marco Millions: A Road to Xanadu

pp. 377-382

The Brothel in O'Neill's Mansions

pp. 383-389

Structure in the One-Act Play

pp. 390-398

Joyce's Exiles: A Problem of Dramatic Stasis

pp. 399-407

Textual Variations for Act IV of The Admirable Crichton

pp. 408-418

Character, Conflict, and Meaning in The Wild Duck

pp. 419-427

Note: Report on the Conference on "The Image of the Negro in American Films," Ferris State College, Big Rapids, Michigan, August 17-23, 1969

p. 428

Book Reviews

Noel Coward by Milton Levin (review)

p. 429

Ernst Toller and His Critics by John M. Spalek (review)

p. 430

Drama Och Teater ed. by Egil Törnqvist (review)

pp. 430-431

O'Neill's Scenic Images by Timo Tiusanen (review)

pp. 431-432

Theatre in America: Appraisal and Challenge (review)

pp. 432-434

Ramón Del Valle-Inclán: An Appraisal of His Life and Works ed. by Anthony N. Zahareas (review)

pp. 434-435

Chekhov, Observer Without Illusion by Daniel Grillès (review)

pp. 435-436

Giraudoux: Three Faces of Destiny by Robert Cohen (review)

pp. 436-437

O'Neill: Son and Playwright by Louis Sheaffer (review)

pp. 437-438

Rites of Modernization: Symbolic and Social Aspects of Indonesian Proletarian Drama by James L. Peacock (review)

pp. 439-440

The Contributors

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