restricted access   Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2012

Table of Contents

From the Editors

Human Enhancement Technologies: Understanding Governance, Policies and Regulatory Structures in the Global Context

pp. 251-258


A Brief Critique of Two Claims about the Social Value of Biotechnological Enhancements

pp. 259-271

Enhancement (of What?) in Aesthetic Medicine

pp. 272-282

Sex Change Surgery: Therapy or Enhancement?

pp. 283-292

Ethical Theories and Discourses through an Ability Expectations and Ableism Lens: The Case of Enhancement and Global Regulation

pp. 293-309

Students and “Smart Drugs”: Empirical Research Can Shed Light on Enhancement Enthusiasm

pp. 310-319

Ethical Practice in the Era of Advanced Neuromodulation

pp. 320-329

On Not Reinventing the Wheel: Need We See the Governance of Research in Neuroscience as Somehow Special?

pp. 330-343

Five Principles for the Regulation of Human Enhancement

pp. 344-354

A Child’s Right to a Decent Future?: Regulating Human Genetic Enhancement in Multicultural Societies

pp. 355-373

The Spirit of Sport and the Medicalisation of Anti-Doping: Empirical and Normative Ethics

pp. 374-392


Enhancement: A Short Comment

pp. 393-398

Letter to the Editor

To Set a Gross Distortion Straight: A Reply to Reidar Lie’s Book Review of Jing-Bao Nie’s Medical Ethics in China: A Transcultural Interpretation (Routledge 2011)

pp. 399-406



pp. 407-408