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From: Franciscan Studies

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Las Enfermedades de San Francisco de Asís

pp. 1-37

Some Notes on the History of the Monastery of Saint Francis in Candia, Crete

pp. 39-72

L’écriture de Thomas de Celano: une rhétorique de la rupture

pp. 73-99

The Vidi Alterum Angelum Topos in Two Sermons by Guibert of Tournai for the Feast of St. Francis

pp. 101-138

Bonaventure, commentateur de l’Apocalypse Pour une nouvelle attribution de Vox Domini

pp. 139-181

Dionysian Uplifting (Anagogy) in Bonaventure’s Reductio

pp. 183-188

Peter Olivi’s Dialogue with Aristotle on the Emotions

pp. 189-245

The Boy Bishop and the “Uncanonized Saint” St. Louis of Anjou and Peter of John Olivi as Models of Franciscan Spirituality in the Fourteenth Century

pp. 247-282

Inflamed with Seraphic Ardor: Franciscan Learning and Spirituality in the Fourteenth-Century Irish Pilgrimage Account

pp. 283-312

Patron Saints Against Diseases Among Franciscan Friars

pp. 313-321

Strategies of Catholic Identity Formation c. 1510–1560 (Chronicle)

pp. 323-336

Symposium on “The Influence of the School of St. Victor on the Franciscans in the Thirteenth Century” Saint Bonaventure University, July 16-17, 2010

Introduction: The Influence of the School of St. Victor

pp. 337-339

De l’intégration au dépouillement: Thomas de Celano et sa réception de quelques thèmes d’Hugues de Saint-Victor

pp. 341-366

Hugh of St. Victor’s Influence on the Halensian Definition of Theology

pp. 367-384

Bonaventure’s Ideal and Hugh of St. Victor’s Comprehensive Biblical Theology

pp. 385-397

The Victorine Sub-structure of Bonaventure’s Thought

pp. 399-410

Symposium on “Martyrdom in the Early Franciscan Tradition” Saint Bonaventure University, July 16, 2011

A Time to Live, a Time to Die: Angelo Clareno on Martyrdom

pp. 411-428

Martyrdom and Identity in the Franciscan Order (Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries)

pp. 429-453

About our Contributors

pp. 455-459