restricted access   Volume 24, Number 2, 2012

Table of Contents


Sexual Harassment: A Feminist Phrase That Transformed the Workplace

pp. 275-300

Minority of One: Violet King's Entry to the Legal Profession

pp. 301-327

Every Breath You Take: Erotic Asphyxiation, Vengeful Wives, and Other Enduring Myths in Spousal Sexual Assault Prosecutions

pp. 328-358

Governing Heterosexuality through Specific Consent: Interrogating the Governmental Effects of R. v J.A.

pp. 359-388

Why Feminist Legal Scholars Should Write Judgments: Reflections on the Feminist Judgments Project in England and Wales

pp. 389-413

Sex Work in New Zealand: The Re-Importation of Moral Majoritarianism in Regulating a Decriminalized Industry

pp. 414-438


"The Normal Ones Take Time": Civil Commitment and Sexual Assault in R. v Alsadi

pp. 439-457

Book Reviews / Chroniques bibliographiques

Mrs. Dread Scott: A Life on Slavery's Frontier (review)

pp. 458-475

Feminist Perspectives on Contemporary International Law: Between Resistance and Compliance? (review)

pp. 476-481

Transforming Law's Family: The Legal Recognition of Planned Lesbian Motherhood (review)

pp. 482-488

Gender, Sexualities and Law (review)

pp. 489-495

Women and Property in Urban India (review)

pp. 496-501

Murder, Medicine and Motherhood (review)

pp. 502-508

About the Contributors / Quelques mots sur nos collaboratrices

pp. 509-512