restricted access   Volume 1, Number 2, Fall 2012

Table of Contents

Introduction: Devotion and Emotions in the Middle Ages

pp. 173-183

Sensitive Spirits: Changing Depictions of Demonic Emotions in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

pp. 184-209

Devotion and Emotion: Creating the Devout Body in Late Medieval Bruges

pp. 210-234

Thomas Aquinas and Catherine of Siena: Emotion, Devotion and Mendicant Spiritualities in the Late Fourteenth Century

pp. 235-252

Gardens as “Emotional Communities”: Three Medieval French Examples

pp. 253-267

Anger and the “Cour amoureuse” of Charles VI: Medieval and Modern Perspectives

pp. 268-291

Digital Devotion from Carolingian Reichenau and St. Gall

pp. 292-302

Manuscript Study

Variance Uncovered and Errors Explained: An Analysis of Nítíða saga in the Seventeenth-Century Icelandic Manuscript js 166 fol .

pp. 303-318


Cantigas Medievais Galego-Portuguesas

pp. 319-323

PhiloBiblon (review)

pp. 323-328

The Online Froissart (review)

pp. 328-330