restricted access   Volume 89, Number 1, February 2013

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p. iii

The Value of Residential Land and Structures during the Great Housing Boom and Bust

pp. 1-29

Combining Revealed and Stated Preference Data to Estimate Preferences for Residential Amenities: A GMM Approach

pp. 30-52

Hedonic Valuation of Odor Nuisance Using Field Measurements: A Case Study of an Animal Waste Processing Facility in Flanders

pp. 53-75

Valuing Morbidity from Wildfire Smoke Exposure: A Comparison of Revealed and Stated Preference Techniques

pp. 76-100

Natural Disaster Impacts and Fiscal Decentralization

pp. 101-117

The Location Decisions of Biodiesel Refineries

pp. 118-136

Capitalization of Hunting Lease Income into Northern Mississippi Forestland Values

pp. 137-153

How Ecosystem Service Provision Can Increase Forest Mortality from Insect Outbreaks

pp. 154-176

A Panel Travel Cost Model Accounting for Endogenous Stratification and Truncation: A Latent Class Approach

pp. 177-192