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Eugene A. Forsey Prize: In Canadian Labour and Working-Class History

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Prix Eugene A. Forsey: En Histoire Canadienne du Travail et de la classe ouvrière

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Editor’s Introduction/Mot Du Directeur

pp. 9-11


« Un chaînon incontournable au Québec »: les Chevaliers du travail, 1882–1902

pp. 13-59

Little Fists for Social Justice: Anti-Semitism, Community, and Montréal’s Aberdeen School Strike, 1913

pp. 61-99

“À faire un peu de poussière:” Environmental Health and the Asbestos Strike of 1949

pp. 101-132

Research Note / Note de Recherche

« C’est le peuple qui est maître; nous sommes les maîtres à Québec»: La grève des ouvriers des travaux publics, juin 1878

pp. 133-157

From Other Shores / Des Nouvelles Venues D'Ailleurs

Bohemian Bolsheviks After World War II: A Minority within a Minority

pp. 159-186

Presentations / Présentations

Madeleine Parent (1918–2012): Introduction

pp. 187-189

A Life of Struggles

pp. 189-192

Historical Legacies

pp. 193-199

Keynote Address,18 May 2002, 50th Anniversary of Paul Robeson’s Concert at the Peace Arch, Blaine, Washington/Douglas, British Columbia

pp. 199-202

Remembering David Montgomery (1926–2011) and His Impact on Working-Class History

pp. 203-223

The CAW –CEP Merger: A Political Reflection

pp. 225-228

Reviews Essays / Notes Critiques

Éva Circé-Côté. Les femmes et les médias au Québec au début du xxe siècle

pp. 229-243

The Long, Lingering Death of Social Democracy

pp. 245-260

Reviews / Comptes Rendus

The Ordinary People of Essex: Environment, Culture, and Economy on the Frontier of Upper Canada (review)

pp. 261-263

La sueur des autres. Les fils d’Érin et le canal Beauharnois (review)

pp. 263-264

Canadian Women in Print, 1750–1918 (review)

pp. 264-266

Sounds of Ethnicity: Listening to German North America, 1850–1914 (review)

pp. 266-268

The Way of the Bachelor: Early Chinese Settlement in Manitoba (review)

pp. 268-270

Storied Landscapes: Ethno-Religious Identity and the Canadian Prairies (review)

pp. 270-272

When the State Trembled: How A. J. Andrews and the Citizens’ Committee Broke the Winnipeg General Strike (review)

pp. 273-275

L’émergence de la modernité urbaine au Québec. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, 1880–1930 (review)

pp. 275-277

Rose Henderson: A Woman for the People (review)

pp. 277-279

Family and Community Life in Northeastern Ontario: The Interwar Years (review)

pp. 279-281

Militant Minority: British Columbia Workers and the Rise of a New Left, 1948–1972 (review)

pp. 281-284

Histoire des relations du travail dans la construction au Québec (review)

pp. 284-286

Poverty, Regulation & Social Justice: Readings on the Criminalization of Poverty (review)

pp. 286-288

Down but Not Out: Community and the Upper Streets of Halifax, 1880–1914 (review)

pp. 288-289

Through Feminist Eyes: Essays on Canadian Women’s History (review)

pp. 289-292

A History of Canadian Culture (review)

pp. 292-294

Unsettling the Settler Within: Indian Residential Schools, Truth Telling, and Reconciliation in Canada (review)

pp. 294-296

Gender, Health, and Popular Culture: Historical Perspectives (review)

pp. 296-299

Indigenous Screen Cultures in Canada (review)

pp. 299-301

Being Again of One Mind: Oneida Women and the Struggle for Decolonization (review)

pp. 301-303

The Archaeology of American Capitalism: The American Experience in an Archaeological Perspective (review)

pp. 303-305

Strike! The Radical Insurrections of Ellen Dawson (review)

pp. 305-308

Sojourning for Freedom: Black Women, American Communism, and the Making of Black Left Feminism (review)

pp. 309-312

The Gospel of the Working Class: Labor’s Southern Prophets in New Deal America (review)

pp. 312-315

In the Mood for Munsingwear: Minnesota’s Claim to Underwear Fame (review)

pp. 315-317

New York Longshoremen: Class and Power on the Docks (review)

pp. 317-319

Collision Course: Ronald Reagan, the Air Traffic Controllers, and the Strike that Changed America (review)

pp. 319-321

We Are the Union: Democratic Unionism and Dissent at Boeing (review)

pp. 321-323

Labor’s Civil War in California: The NUHW Healthcare Workers’ Rebellion (review)

pp. 324-327

Derelict Paradise: Homelessness and Urban Development in Cleveland, Ohio (review)

pp. 327-329

I’m Neither Here nor There: Mexicans’ Quotidian Struggles with Migration and Poverty (review)

pp. 329-331

Opportunity Denied: Limiting Black Women to Devalued Work (review)

pp. 331-333

Persistent Poverty: Voices from the Margins (review)

pp. 333-335

Buena Vista in the Club: Rap, Reggaetón, and Revolution in Havana (review)

pp. 336-338

The New Mole: Paths of the Latin American Left (review)

pp. 338-339

Love and Capital, Karl and Jenny Marx and the Birth of Revolution (review)

pp. 339-341

Pauper Capital: London and the Poor Law, 1790–1870 (review)

pp. 341-343

The 1926 Miners’ Lockout: Meanings of Community in the Durham Coalfield (review)

pp. 343-345

Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class (review)

pp. 345-347

Absolute Erotic, Absolute Grotesque (review)

pp. 347-349

Empire’s Garden: Assam and the Making of India (review)

pp. 349-353

A Decent Provision: Australian Welfare Policy, 1870 to 1949 (review)

pp. 353-355

Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World, 1870–1940: The Praxis of National Liberation, Internationalism, and Social Revolution (review)

pp. 355-357

The Socialist Alternative: Real Human Development (review)

pp. 357-359

Socialist Register 2011: The Crisis This Time (review)

pp. 359-361

Class Dismissed: Why We Cannot Teach or Learn Our Way Out of Inequality (review)

pp. 361-363

Minutes / Procès-Verbal

Canadian Committee on Labour History University of Waterloo, Ontario, 30 May 2012

pp. 365-372