restricted access   Volume 56, Number 2, 2013

Table of Contents


Honor Woulfe and George Moore: "Not a Woman that a Man Forgets"

pp. 139-145

Irishness, Professional Authorship and the "Wild Irish Girls"of L. T. Meade

pp. 146-166

Disease and Degeneration in Marie Corelli's Vendetta

pp. 167-188

Two Tales of Gothic Adventure: She and Heart of Darkness

pp. 189-200

An Interlude: We Have Never Been Modernists

pp. 201-204

Media Matters in J. M. Barrie's Mary Rose

pp. 205-230

Can the Vampire Speak?: Dracula as Discourse on Cultural Extinction

pp. 231-245

Book Reviews

Victorian Dreamer

pp. 246-249

Volume I of New Gissing Biography

pp. 249-252

FitzGerald's Famous Rubáiyát

pp. 252-255

Museum Culture, Edwardianism & Modernism

pp. 255-259

Modernist Short Stories by Women

pp. 259-262

Virginia Woolf & the Study of Nature

pp. 262-265

Julian Bell

pp. 266-267

Personal Memories of Conan Doyle's Fiction

pp. 268-269

Reply to Rejoinder: The Cambridge Woolf: Rejoinder by Jane Goldman and Susan Sellers, 55.4 (2012), 533–35.

pp. 269-271