restricted access   Volume 36, Number 1, February 2013

Table of Contents

Using an Early Science Curriculum to Teach Science Vocabulary and Concepts to Students with Severe Developmental Disabilities

pp. 1-31

Effects of Supplemental Computer-Assisted Reciprocal Peer Tutoring on Kindergarteners' Phoneme Segmentation Fluency

pp. 33-48

Increasing Recreational Initiations for Children Who Have ASD Using Video Self Modeling

pp. 49-60

A Comparison of Two Variations of the High-Probability Instructional Sequence with a Child with Autism

pp. 61-72

Data-Based Case Studies

Adaptations to a Functional Behavior Assessment with a Spanish-Speaking Preschooler: A Data-Based Case Study

pp. 73-95

Evaluating Competing Reinforcement Contingencies on Off-Task Behavior in a Preschooler with Intellectual Disability: A Data-Based Case Study

pp. 97-109

Literature Review

Performance Feedback and Teachers' Use of Praise and Opportunities to Respond: A Review of the Literature

pp. 111-136

Program Description

Training Behavioral Research Methods to Staff in an Early and Intensive Behavioral Intervention Setting: A Program Description and Preliminary Evaluation

pp. 139-160

Forum Article

Key Areas of Effective Adolescent Literacy Programs

pp. 161-184

Book Review

Single Subject Research Methodology in Behavioral Science (review)

pp. 185-190