restricted access   Volume 13, Issue 3, October 2011

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From: Leviathan

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From the Mast-Head

pp. 3-4

Subversive Designs in Clarel

pp. 6-17

Parables of Creation: Hawthorne, Melville, and Plato's Banquet

pp. 18-29

Between Book and Reality: The Guidebook in Redburn and Clarel

pp. 30-40

Translating between Civilizations: The Dragoman in Clarel's Nineteenth-Century Jerusalem

pp. 41-48

Agath and the Ephemeral Text in Melville's Clarel

pp. 49-62

Melville's Process: Writing as Performing

pp. 63-66

Character and the Space of Clarel

pp. 67-84

Paradiso Terrestre: America's Displaced Wilderness in Melville's Clarel

pp. 85-97

Clarel and the American Centennial

pp. 98-114

Melville's Wired World: Media, Fact, and Faith in Clarel

pp. 115-127

The Bellipotent as Heterotopia, Total Institution, and Colony: Billy Budd and Other Spaces in Melville's Mediterranean

pp. 128-134

Projections of the Holy Land: Melville's Journal through a Dual Lens

pp. 135-144

Melville, Holy Lands, and Settler-Colonial Studies

pp. 145-156

All Astir

pp. 158-159