restricted access   Volume 9, Issue 3, October 2007

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From: Leviathan

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From the Mast-Head

pp. 3-7

Melville the Poet: Introduction

pp. 9-15

"Entangled Rhyme": A Dialogic Reading of Melville's Battle-Pieces

pp. 17-33

"They Answered Him Aloud": Popular Voice and Nationalist Discourse in Melville's Battle-Pieces

pp. 35-49

"An Old Sailor's Lament": Herman Melville, the Stone Fleet, and the Judgment of History

pp. 51-64

Public Privacy: Melville's Coterie Authorship in John Marr and Other Sailors

pp. 65-78

"Tears of the Happy": The Design of Darkness in "To Winnefred" and "The Year"

pp. 79-94

Ekphrastic Composites in "At the Hostelry": Van de Veldes, Tromps, and Trompes l'Oeil

pp. 97-103


pp. 107-138

Exiled Royalties: Melville and the Life We Imagine (review)

pp. 141-145

The Cultural Roots of American Islamicism (review)

pp. 146-149

All Astir

pp. 153-155

Melville Birthday Lecture: "What Melville Means to Me": A Panel Discussion with Rinde Eckert and Ricardo Pitts-Wiley

pp. 157-172

Melville and the Meaning of Genre

p. 173

"From 'Fragments' to 'Rammon': Poetry as Consolation"

pp. 174-178

"Melville's 'The Encantadas': Genre and the Discourse Community of Putnam's Monthly"

pp. 175-176

"'An Unaccountable Pair': Genre and Value in The Confidence-Man"

pp. 176-177

"'Free Robe and Vest': Melville and the Uncollected Fragment"

pp. 177-178