restricted access   Volume 8, Issue 3, October 2006

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From: Leviathan

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From the Mast-Head

pp. 3-5

Unbolting Melville's Japan

pp. 7-10

Herman Melville and Modern Japan: A Speculative Re-Interpretation of the Critical History

pp. 11-18

Commodore Perry as White Phantom: Moby-Dick in the Context of the Modern Age

pp. 19-24

Herman Melville, Matthew Perry, and the Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan

pp. 25-32

A Shadow of the Far East: Fedallah; or, a Japanese Sea Drifter

pp. 33-42

Cannibal Connections: A Buddhist Reading of "The Encantadas"

pp. 43-50

Native America in The Confidence-Man: Quite an Original Satire and Scene

pp. 51-60

Three Poems

pp. 63-64

A Historical Guide to Herman Melville (review)

pp. 67-71

Melville's Allusions to Religion: A Comprehensive Index and Glossary (review)

pp. 72-75

All Astir

pp. 79-81

Who Speaks in Melville's Poems?

p. 83

Margins of Poetry: The Character of Character in Melville's "The Temeraire"

pp. 83-84

History, Ruins, Voices: Reading Herman Melville's Clarel

pp. 84-85

Melville's Public Voice: The John Marr Monologues, James Whitcomb Riley, and the Question of Popularity

p. 85

Jill Barnum

pp. 87-89