restricted access   Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2006

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From: Leviathan

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From the Mast-Head

pp. 3-5

Introduction: Melville and Disability

pp. 7-16

Ishmael's Recovery: Injury, Illness, and Convalescence in Moby-Dick

pp. 17-34

Masquerades of Impairment: Charity as a Confidence Game

pp. 35-60

From Melville to Eddie Murphy: The Disability Con in American Literature and Film

pp. 61-82


pp. 85-87

Monumental Melville: The Formation of a Literary Career (review)

pp. 91-95

American Geographies: U.S. National Narratives and the Representation of the Non-European World, 1830-1865 (review)

pp. 96-98

All Astir

pp. 101-105

Melville's Allusions to Religion

pp. 107-119

Letter to the Editor: Some Reflections on Claggart's Death and on Malcolm's Suicide

pp. 121-122

"Melville: The Aesthetic Turn"

p. 123

"A Squeeze of the Invisible Hand: Materialist Aesthetics and Capitalism in Moby-Dick"

p. 124

"Melville and the Aesthetics of Freedom"

pp. 124-125

"From Typee to Clarel: 'Across the Chasm'"

pp. 125-126