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Flight of the Raven: A Retrospective on the Scholarship of G. R. Thompson

pp. 1-16

G. R. Thompson at WSU: Poe Studies and ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance

pp. 17-18

Space, the Final Frontier: Poe’s Eureka as Imperial Fantasy

pp. 19-27

The 1890s and Edgar Allan Poe

pp. 28-37

Literary Commerce and the Discourses of Gastronomy in Poe’s “Bon-Bon”

pp. 38-45

“Vast Forms That Move Fantastically”: Poe, Freud, and the Uncanny

pp. 46-54

Sequential Poe-try: Recent Graphic Narrative Adaptations of Poe

pp. 55-67

Romantic Irony in “The Rescued Fugitives”

pp. 68-72

The Rescued Fugitives: A Story of the War

pp. 72-76

Unwinnable Wars, Unspeakable Wounds: Locating “The Man That Was Used Up”

pp. 77-89

Who Killed Waldegrave?

pp. 90-103

Woman’s Heart, Woman’s Choice: The “History” of The Scarlet Letter

pp. 104-114

Melvillean Skepticism and Alternative Modernity in “The Lightning-Rod Man”

pp. 115-125

“Likewise Masked”: Blackface and Whitewash in Melville’s “Benito Cereno”

pp. 126-135

Terrors of the Soul: Religious Pluralism, Epistemological Dread, and Cosmic Exaltation in Poe, Hawthorne, and Melville

pp. 136-144

Not So Neutral Ground: Dick Thompson

pp. 145-152

The Snow Man: A Brief Afterword

p. 153

G. R. Thompson: A Selected Bibliography

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pp. 157-159