restricted access   Volume 36, Numbers 1-2, 2003

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From: Poe Studies

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Special Features

Introduction: Essays on Poe, Epistemology, and Modern Thought

pp. 1-2

The Magnifying Glass: Spectacular Distance in Poe’s “Man of the Crowd” and Beyond

pp. 3-17

Poe-tic Mathematics: Detecting Topology in “The Purloined Letter”

pp. 18-31

Poe Möbius: An Exploration of Poe’s Fractal Universe

pp. 32-44


“Not a Woman”: The Murdered Muse in “Ligeia”

pp. 45-57

Auber and Avernus: Poe’s Use of Myth and Ritual in “Ulalume”

pp. 58-67

“Berenice” and the Art of Incorporative Exclusion

pp. 68-75

Music and Edgar Allan Poe: A Fourth Annotated Checklist

pp. 77-100


A New Poe Companion

pp. 101-106

Refreuding Lacan

pp. 106-110

Looking Back to Look Ahead: Homosexuality and the Postmodern Gothic in American Literature

pp. 110-117

The Pit and the Gothic Chiasmus

pp. 118-121

“The Raven”: Speaking of Mommy Dearest

pp. 121-124

Editorial Notices

pp. 125-126


p. 126