restricted access   Volume 125, Number 3, June 2003

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From: American Journal of Mathematics

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Addendum to "Defects for ample divisors of abelian varieties, Schwarz lemma, and hyperbolic hypersurfaces of low degrees," American Journal of Mathematics 119 (1997), 1139-1172

pp. 441-448

On the chromatic tower

pp. 449-473

Tamagawa numbers for motives with (noncommutative) coefficients, II

pp. 475-512

Generalized Whittaker models and the Bernstein center

pp. 513-547

On icosahedral Artin representations, II

pp. 549-566

Every rationally connected variety over the function field of a curve has a rational point

pp. 567-580

Non-Archimedean holomorphic maps and the Ahlfors islands theorem

pp. 581-622

Plurisubharmonic functions and the Kähler-Ricci flow

pp. 623-654

A natural construction of Borcherds' fake baby monster Lie algebra

pp. 655-667

p-adic variation of L functions of one variable exponential sums, I

pp. 669-690