restricted access   Volume 23, Number 2, 2012

Table of Contents

Utopia and Education

Introduction: Something About the Way We Live Now

pp. 300-313

Utopic Pedagogies: Alternatives to Degenerate Architecture

pp. 314-351

The Architecture of Potentiality: Weak Utopianism and Educational Space in the Work of Giorgio Agamben

pp. 355-373

Democratic/Utopian Education

pp. 374-405


Fear and the Spiritual Realism of Octavia Butler's Earthseed

pp. 408-429

"Life and the Dream": Utopian Impulses Within the Irish Language Revival

pp. 430-449

Flight Forward: The World of Ernst Jünger's Worker

pp. 450-471

The Meta-Utopian Metatext: The Deconstructive Dreams of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake

pp. 472-503

"A Monument of Union": Social Change and Personal Experience at the Manea Fen Community, 1839-1841

pp. 504-531

Book Reviews

Evangelical Millennialism in the Trans-Atlantic World, 1500-2000 (review)

pp. 534-537

Unvarnishing Reality: Subversive Russian and American Cold War Satire (review)

pp. 537-539

William Godwin and the Theatre, and: The Plays of William Godwin (review)

pp. 540-542

Utopianism and Marxism (review)

pp. 543-546

The Isle of Pines, 1668: Henry Neville's Uncertain Utopia (review)

pp. 546-550

Woody Guthrie, American Radical (review)

pp. 550-556


pp. 557-559