restricted access   Issue 86, Spring 2003

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From: Radical History Review

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Special Issue: National Myths in the Middle East

Editors' Introduction

pp. 1-5

Notes on Contributors

pp. 205-206


Shi'i Narratives of Karbala and Christian Rites of Penance: Michel Foucault and the Culture of the Iranian Revolution, 1978-1979

pp. 7-35

"The First Boat and the First Oar": Inventions of Lebanon in the Writings of Michel Chiha

pp. 37-65

Myth and Counter-Myth: "The Berber" As National Signifier in Algerian Historiographies

pp. 66-88


Where Is Home? Fragmented Lives, Border Crossings, and the Politics of Exile

pp. 89-101

Humanizing the Text: Israeli "New History" and the Trajectory of the 1948 Historiography

pp. 102-122

Public History

Unwitting Actors: The Preservation of Fez's Cultural Heritage

pp. 123-148

Reflections on Archaeology and Israeli Settler-Nationhood

pp. 149-163

Teaching Radical History

Teaching Middle Eastern History against the Headlines

pp. 165-166

Translating Ideas of Nationhood: A Case Study of Teaching Nationalism and National Identity in Middle Eastern History

pp. 167-174

Beyond Culture: Teaching Histories of Islam

pp. 175-181


After-Images of a Revolution

pp. 183-192

Revisioning the Colonial Middle East

pp. 193-199

The Abusable Past

pp. 201-204