restricted access   Volume 24, Number 4, Winter 2012

Table of Contents

"Near the Congo": Langston Hughes and the Geopolitics of Internationalist Poetry

pp. 631-657

The Form and Politics of Networks in Jean Toomer's Cane

pp. 658-679


pp. 680-685

"Obsidian Mine": The Psychic Aftermath of Slavery

pp. 686-701

Delany's Divinities

pp. 702-722

"A Sort of Double Writing": They Fly at Çiron's Generic Identities

pp. 723-746

Back to the Garden: Queer Ecology in Samuel Delany's Heavenly Breakfast

pp. 747-767

The Mirror and the Maze

pp. 768-774

The Harlem Renaissance and Its Indignant Aftermath: Rethinking Literary History and Political Action after Black Studies

pp. 775-795

Black Cultural Politics at the End of History

pp. 796-813

The Black Atlantic Revisited, The Body Reconsidered: On Lingering, Liminality, Lies, and Disability

pp. 814-826

Blackness, Sexuality, and Entertainment

pp. 827-841

Plantation Cartographies and Chronologies

pp. 842-852

Overshadowed New York

pp. 853-863

War and Memory

pp. 864-875

Half-Baked: The State of Evaluation in the Digital Humanities

pp. 876-890