restricted access   Volume 53, Number 6, November/December 2012

Table of Contents


University-Based Service Learning: Relating Mentoring Experiences to Issues of Poverty

pp. 767-782

Exploring the Impact of Facebook and Myspace Use on First-Year Students' Sense of Belonging and Persistence Decisions

pp. 783-796

College Students' Evaluations of Heavy Drinking: The Influence of Gender, Age, and College Status

pp. 797-810

Academic Performance of First-Generation College Students with Disabilities

pp. 811-826

Committed to Faith Yet Open to Difference: Validating a Model for Fallibilist Christian Spirituality Among College Students

pp. 827-839

Research in Brief

The Influence of the College Environment on Honors Students' Outcomes

pp. 840-845

Hiding in Plain Sight: Low-Risk Drinkers in the Greek System

pp. 846-850

How Do College Campuses Make Decisions About Allocating Resources for Student Mental Health?: Findings from Key Participant Interviews

pp. 850-856

Book Reviews

Multicultural Student Services on Campus: Building Bridges, Re-Visioning Community (review)

pp. 857-859

Reframing Academic Leadership (review)

pp. 860-861

Contested Issues in Student Affairs: Diverse Perspectives and Respectful Dialogue (review)

pp. 861-863