restricted access   Volume 55, Number 3, Summer 2012

Table of Contents


Science and Medicine

Defining the Complex Behavior of the Heart

pp. 319-328

Ethics and Philosophy

The History of Bioethics: implications for current debates in health research

pp. 329-338

Forgive Me: Medical Error and the Poetics of Forgiveness

pp. 339-349

The Immunologic Self

pp. 350-361

The Body, Its Emotions, the Self, and Consciousness

pp. 362-377

History and Biography

The Lady and the Eel: how Aphra Behn introduced Europeans to the "numb eel"

pp. 378-401

Medical Education and Practice

Medical Exceptionalism

pp. 402-408

Two Approaches to Improving Mental Health Care: positivist/quantitative versus skill-based/qualitative

pp. 409-434

Shadowing: pediatric heart surgery in El Salvador

pp. 435-442

The Death of Specificity in Psychiatry: cheers or tears?

pp. 443-460

From Bedside to Blackboard: the benefits of teaching molecular biology within a medical context

pp. 461-466


p. 461