restricted access   Volume 2, Number 2, Fall 2012

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Editors' Note

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Narrative Symposium: Delivering Health Care in Severely Resource-Constrained Settings


Introduction: Developing Health Care in Severely Resource-Constrained Settings

pp. 73-74

Personal Narratives

Closing the Gaps in Pediatric HIV/AIDS Care, One Step at a Time

pp. 75-78

The Triplets

pp. 78-81

The Day I Touched Jesus

pp. 81-84

Building a Foundation

pp. 84-86

Global Health Careers: Serving the Navajo Community

pp. 86-89

Moral Responsibility in a Context of Scarcity: the Journey of a Haitian Physician

pp. 89-92

Delivering Health Care in Saharawi Refugee Camps Near Tindouf (Algeria)

pp. 92-95

Poverty, Surgery, and Systems

pp. 95-98

How was Haiti?

pp. 98-101

On Partnership

pp. 101-106

Pains And Gains Of Rural Health Practice: Lessons Books Never Taught

pp. 106-109

Lives Saved, With a Little Help from Friends

pp. 109-113

Personal Narratives (Web Only Content)


pp. E1-E4

Bringing Cancer Care to Those who Don't Have It

pp. E10-E12

The Invisible Children

pp. E4-E6

What inspires action in Global Health?

pp. E6-E10


Striving To Do Good: Well-Springs, Realities, and Paradoxes of Medical Humanitarian Work

pp. 115-119

"To make a difference . . .": Narrative Desire in Global Medicine

pp. 121-124

Research Article

Do Physicians Disclose Uncertainty When Discussing Prognosis in Grave Critical Illness?

pp. 125-135

Case Study

The Efficacy of Ethics Discernment in the Organizational Context: The Case of Post-Offer Nicotine Screening

pp. 137-146