restricted access   Volume 29, Number 3, Fall 2012

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Cultural Production in Nineteenth Century France: A Tribute to Lawrence R. Schehr

Edited by Charles J. Stivale and Gayle Zachmann

Introduction: Of Cooperation, Inspiration and Scholarly Production

pp. 1-4


Forget Waterloo

pp. 5-19

The return of the undead: the body politic in Le colonel Chabert

pp. 20-35

Of Dignity and Ridicule: Virility from Mosca to Muffat

pp. 36-46

The Bibliothèque Nationale and Cultural Productions of Scholarship

pp. 47-62

Sex and Spleen: Fetish in Baudelaire's "Les Bijoux"

pp. 63-79

Fathers and Sons: Paul Auster Reads Stéphane Mallarmé

pp. 80-92

Dissection or Narrative Surgery?: Medical Inquiry and Writer Confidences in Fin-de-siècle French Magazines

pp. 93-109

Humoring the Republic: Marcel Schwob's Archeologies of Laughter and Journalistic Culture

pp. 110-122

Flirting with the young lady: Albéric Cahuet's Au jardin des vierges (In the Garden of Maidens)

pp. 123-140

"The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful": Reflections on a Hidden Motif in Literature

pp. 141-162

Naked, but Hairy: Women and Misogyny in Fin de Siècle Representations

pp. 163-176

Mothers of Invention: Fictional Alternatives to Procreation

pp. 177-189

Dinners With Larry

pp. 190-192


Edith Wharton: Sex, Satire and the Older Woman (review)

pp. 193-194

Uneasy Possessions: The Mother-Daughter Dilemma in French Women's Writing, 1671-1928 (review)

pp. 195-197

Notes on Contributors

pp. 198-200