restricted access   Volume 21, Number 2, 2012

Table of Contents

Editor's Note

p. vii

"Dangerous fruit of the tree of knowledge": Mary Ann Evans, Emily Dickinson, and Strauss's Das Leben Jesu

pp. 1-19

"What do I think of glory -": Dickinson's Eliot and Middlemarch

pp. 20-36

George Eliot and Emily Dickinson: Poets of Play and Possibility

pp. 37-58

Through the Transatlantic Lens of "my George Eliot" and Percy Bysshe Shelley: Emily Dickinson's Expatriate Soul in Postcards from the Edge

pp. 59-79

A Life with Emily Dickinson: Surprise and Memory

pp. 80-94

"Bulletins all Day"

I Call on Mme. Bianchi

pp. 95-105

Book Reviews

Writing Life: Suffering as a Poetic Strategy of Emily Dickinson (review)

pp. 106-108

Reading in Time: Emily Dickinson in the Nineteenth Century (review)

pp. 108-110

Dickinson Unbound: Paper, Process, Poetics (review)

pp. 111-113


pp. 114-115