restricted access   Volume 47:3&4, Fomhar/Geimhreadh / Fall/Winter 2012

Table of Contents

Cover Note omitted from 47: 1 & 2, Spring/Summer 2012

pp. 5-6

Harry Clarke’s Modernist Gaze

pp. 7-36

Seeing Ghosts: Gothic Discourses and State Formation

pp. 37-63

A Cult of No Personality: W. T. Cosgrave and the Election of 1933

pp. 64-90

A “Cadre-Style” Party?: Cumann na nGaedheal Organization in Clare, Dublin North, and Longford-Westmeath, 1923–27

pp. 91-110

The Murder of Patrick Howard: A Case Study of Police Crime in the War of Independence

pp. 111-140

Big House Burnings in County Cork during the Irish Revolution, 1920–21

pp. 141-197

“The South Needs Encouragement”: The Irish Republican Campaign in the American South and Southern Irish American Identity, 1919–20

pp. 198-229

“The Fearful Crimes of Ireland”: Tabloid Journalism and Irish Nationalism in The Playboy of the Western World

pp. 230-250

“No Dumb Ireland”: Robert Burns and Irish Cultural Nationalism in the Nineteenth Century

pp. 251-268

Review Essay

Formal (Re)Introductions: New Criticism of Yeats

pp. 269-279


pp. 280-282