restricted access   Volume15, Number 4, Winter 2012

Table of Contents


Inventing Public Speaking: Rhetoric and the Speech Book, 1730–1930

pp. 563-608


On Rhetorical Circulation

pp. 609-612

Sound Bites: Rethinking the Circulation of Speech from Fragment to Fetish

pp. 613-622

The Presidency as Pastiche: Atomization, Circulation, and Rhetorical Instability

pp. 623-633

Native Authenticity, Rhetorical Circulation, and Neocolonial Decay: The Case of Chief Seattle’s Controversial Speech

pp. 635-645

Delinking Rhetoric, or Revisiting McGee’s Fragmentation Thesis through Decoloniality

pp. 647-657

Democratic Circulation: Jacksonian Lithographs in U.S. Public Discourse

pp. 659-666

Jackie Joins Twitter: The Recirculation of “Campaign Wife”

pp. 667-674

Celluloid Circulation: The Dual Temporality of Nonfiction Film and Its Publics

pp. 675-684

Circulation and Noncirculation of Photographic Texts in the Civil Rights Movement: A Case Study of the Rhetoric of Control

pp. 685-694

In Memoriam

Wil Linkugel and Gifting 101

pp. 695-706

Embodying the Profession: John C. Hammerback—Scholar, Teacher, Mentor, Friend

pp. 707-716

Review Essay

Did the 2008 Election Change Everything?

pp. 717-735

Book Reviews

The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse (review)

pp. 737-740

Public Memory, Race, and Ethnicity (review)

pp. 740-743