restricted access   Volume 27, Number 4, Fall 2012

Table of Contents


Readers Respond

pp. 3-4


Compassion for the Victims of Our Global Capitalist System

pp. 5-9

Rethinking Religion

A Red Letter Christian Speaks to the Palestinian Church

pp. 10-64

Religion and Equality in Human Evolution

pp. 13-66

Sabbath Practice as Political Resistance: Building the Religious Counterculture

pp. 16-67

Special Section: Christianity Without the Cross?

Christianity Without the Cross?

p. 19

The Death of Christianity

pp. 20-27

The Hope of the Cross

pp. 28-29

The Cross as a Central Christian Symbol of Injustice

pp. 30-32

Special Section: America Beyond the 2012 Election

America Beyond the 2012 Election

p. 33

Why America Needs a Left

pp. 34-70

Obama in Question: A Progressive Critique and Defense

pp. 37-41

The Need for Progressive Realism

pp. 42-43

What Comes Next for Spiritual Progressives?

pp. 43-44

Trickle-Up Democracy

p. 45

Be a Progressive Democrat!

p. 46

Democratizing the Economy for a New Progressive Era

pp. 47-48

Reclaiming the Radical Imagination: Reform Beyond Electoral Politics

pp. 49-50

Why Progressives Should Follow Feminism's Lead in 2012

p. 51

Third-Party Politics: A Conversation Between Green Party Candidate Jill Stein and Michael Lerner

pp. 52-71



In Death's Dominion

pp. 55-58

Black Liberation Theology and the Lynching of Jesus

pp. 58-61


Above the Roofs of the Jewish Village

p. 72