restricted access   Number 79, 2012 (New Series)

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A Brief History of Fiction

p. 1

Snake Alley

pp. 2-3

The Boater

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The Man Who Paints Mountains and Helicopters

pp. 6-7

A Dog’s Nose

p. 8

The Dancing Bear

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English Sauce

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Threat from Above

p. 23

Pop Song

p. 24

But I Can Only Do It Once

pp. 25-41

Happy and Sad

p. 42

My Father

p. 43

the minnesota review loves . . . Favorite things of the creative writing editors

pp. 44-46

Praying to Fra Lippi’s Mistress

pp. 47-48

Used Boat

pp. 49-50

The night you bury your father you hope he will visit your dreams

pp. 51-52


The Political Fantastic: Žižek, Fantasy, and a New Autonomous Aesthetics

pp. 53-77

Surveying he Field

Lyric and Its Discontents

pp. 78-90

The New Modernist Studies: A Response

pp. 91-96

Introduction: China and the Humanities Today

pp. 97-100

Special Focus: China and Humanities Today

Translating Modernity and Reconstructing World Literature

pp. 101-112

“Dinner Party of Discourse Owners”: China’s Intellectual Scene Today

pp. 113-136

Reading between Images and Worlds: An Interview with W. J. T. Mitchell

pp. 137-156

Books Received

pp. 157-158


pp. 159-163