restricted access   Volume 12, Issue 3, Fall 2012

Table of Contents

For Marshall Gregory

p. 387


Taking on “Best Practices”: A Novel Response to Managerialism in Higher Education

pp. 389-404


Learning Interdisciplinary Pedagogies

pp. 405-424

The Digital Archive as a Tool for Close Reading in the Undergraduate Literature Course

pp. 425-447

What New Writing Teachers Talk about When They Talk about Teaching

pp. 449-480

Gaming/Writing and Evolving Forms of Rhetorical Awareness: Potentials of Interactive Digital Media for Democratic Classrooms

pp. 481-495

Students Creating Canons: Rethinking What (and Who) Constitutes the Canon

pp. 497-519

Interfaces and Infrastructures: Examining New Media Objects in the English Studies Classroom

pp. 521-540

From the Classroom

Introduction: Meeting Students Where They Are

pp. 541-543

Course Theme and Ideology in the Freshman Writing Classroom

pp. 544-549

First Encounters with Pride and Prejudice in the Composition Classroom

pp. 550-555

Sports and the Life of the Mind: Sports Media in the Freshman Composition Classroom

pp. 556-561

Quintilian in New Orleans: Post-Katrina Service-Learning in an Advanced Writing Course

pp. 562-568


A Textbook Argument: The Success of Thank You for Arguing and Its Pedagogical Implications

pp. 569-577

Integrating Writing, Thinking, and Learning: A New Edition of a Faculty Development Treasure

pp. 579-584

Class Considerations: An Exploration of Literacy, Social Class, and Family

pp. 585-590


pp. 591-595

Index to Volume 12

pp. 597-600