restricted access   Volume 6, Number 3, 2012

Table of Contents

Subject Issue on Neuroethics

A View from the Far East: Neuroethics in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea

pp. 297-301

Do Koreans Have an “English Brain”?: A Case Study in the Commercialization of Neuroscience

pp. 303-319

Neuroethics in Taiwan: Could There Be a Confucian Solution?

pp. 321-334

A Practical Approach to Identifying Ethical and Social Problems during Research and Development: A Model for a National Research Project of Brain-Machine Interface

pp. 335-345

Subject Issue on Science and Nationalism, Part 2


pp. 347-354

Posturing for Modernity: Mishima Michiyoshi and School Hygiene in Meiji Japan

pp. 355-378

The Politics of Local Biology in Transnational Drug Testing: Creating (Bio)Identities and Reproducing (Bio)Nationalism through Japanese “Ethnobridging” Studies

pp. 379-399

Asian Regeneration?: Technohybridity in Taiwan’s Biotech?

pp. 401-414

Book Reviews

Eine strenge Prüfung deutscher Art”: Der Alltag der japanischen Medizinausbildung im Zeitalter der Reform von 1868 bis 1914 [“A Rigorous German Examination”: The Daily Experience of Japanese Medical Education in the Age of Reform, 1868–1914] (review)

pp. 415-417

Put Asia on the Map of Race; Put Race on the Map of Asia

pp. 419-426

Qing yilai de jibing, yiliao he weisheng 清以來的疾病、醫療和衛生:以社會文化史為視角的 探索 [Disease, Medical Practice, and Public Health since the Qing: An Exploration from the Perspective of Sociocultural History] (review)

pp. 427-429

Kindai Nihon no Hansen-byM mondai to chiiki shakai 近代日本のハンセン病問題と地域社会 [Modern Japan’s Hansen Disease Problem and Local Communities] (review)

pp. 431-435