restricted access   Volume 23, Number 4, November 2012, Supplement

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pp. 1-4

Heroes and Great Ideas Column

Development of the Polio Vaccine: A Historical Perspective of Tuskegee University’s Role in Mass Production and Distribution of HeLa Cells

pp. 5-10

Report From the Field

The Prostate Cancer Screening Controversy: Addressing Bioethical Concerns at a Community Health Promotion Event for Men

pp. 11-14


Tuskegee University Experience Challenges Conventional Wisdom: Is Integrative Bioethics Practice the New Ethics for the Public’s Health?

pp. 15-33

Individual Breast Cancer Risk Assessment in Underserved Populations: Integrating Empirical Bioethics and Health Disparities Research

pp. 34-46

HPV, Oropharyngeal Cancer, and the Role of the Dentist: A Professional Ethical Approach

pp. 47-57

Ethics of Clear Health Communication: Applying the CLEAN Look Approach to Communicate Biobanking Information for Cancer Research

pp. 58-66

Original Papers

Sociodemographic Differences in Fears and Mistrust Contributing to Unwillingness to Participate in Cancer Screenings

pp. 67-76

Community Health Workers Support Community-based Participatory Research Ethics: Lessons Learned along the Research-to-Practice-to-Community Continuum

pp. 77-87

Head and Neck Cancer Disparity in Underserved Communities: Probable Causes and the Ethics Involved

pp. 88-103

Tuskegee Redux: Evolution of Legal Mandates for Human Experimentation

pp. 104-125