restricted access   Volume 3, Number 3, Winter 2012

Table of Contents

Dossier on Social Rights and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century


Preface: When Rights Were Social

pp. 291-295

The Conscience of the Skin: Interwar Polish Autobiography and Social Rights

pp. 297-319

The Forced Labor Issue between Human and Social Rights, 1947-1957

pp. 321-335

"No Real Freedom for the Natives": The Men in the Middle and Critiques of Colonial Labor in Central Mozambique

pp. 337-359

Curbing Labour's Totalitarian Temptation: European Human Rights Law and British Postwar Politics

pp. 361-383

Social Rights in the Soviet Dictatorship: The Constitutional Right to Welfare from Stalin to Brezhnev

pp. 385-406

Socialism, Social Rights, and Human Rights: The Case of East Germany

pp. 407-426

Some Rights Are More Equal than Others: The Third World and the Transformation of Economic and Social Rights

pp. 427-448

International Aid and Development NGOs in Britain and Human Rights since 1945

pp. 449-472

Afterword: Social Rights and Human Rights in the Time of Decolonization

pp. 473-492


pp. 493-494