restricted access   Volume 54, Number 4, October/octobre 2012

Table of Contents


Long-Term Follow-Up of Criminal Activity with Adjudicated Youth in Ontario: Identifying Offence Trajectories and Predictors/Correlates of Trajectory Group Membership

pp. 377-413

Changing Attitudes toward the Criminal Justice System: Results of an Experimental Study

pp. 415-441

“Gang” as Empty Signifier in Contemporary Canadian Newspapers

pp. 443-479

Research Notes / Notes de recherche

Estimating the True Rate of Repeat Victimization from Police Recorded Crime Data: A Study of Burglary in Metro Vancouver

pp. 481-494

The Geometry of Offending and Victimization

pp. 495-510

Risk of Dying by Suicide Inside or Outside Prison: The Shortened Lives of Male Offenders

pp. 511-528

Book Reviews / Recensions de livres (October/octobre 2012)

p. 529

Books Received / Livres reçus – October/octobre 2012

pp. 530-531

Index to Volume 54 / Index du volume 54

pp. 532-537

Coming Events / Prochains Événements: (Published in the language submitted / Publiés dans la langue dans laquelle ils sont soumis)

p. 538

Manuscript Readers for 2011 / Lecteurs et Lectrices de manuscrits pour 2011

pp. 539-542