restricted access   Volume 64, Number 3, October 2012

Table of Contents

Editorial Comment: Theatre and Material Culture

pp. 1-3

Special-Issue Essays

Spectral Readings

pp. 323-336

Objects of Realism: Bertolt Brecht, Roland Barthes, and Marsha Norman

pp. 337-353

Human Remains: Acting, Objects, and Belief in Performance

pp. 355-371

Material Remains at Play

pp. 373-388

On the Work of Things: Musical Production, Theatrical Labor, and the “General Intellect”

pp. 389-408

Performance Reviews

The Complete & Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O’neill, Volume 1: Early Plays/Lost Plays, and: Early Plays (review)

pp. 409-412

BLU (review)

pp. 412-414

Somewhere (review)

pp. 414-417

Lady in the Dark, and: The Sound of Music (review)

pp. 417-422

Show Boat (review)

pp. 422-424

Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queens (review)

pp. 424-427

Juno and the Paycock, and: The Veil (review)

pp. 427-430

John Gabriel Borkman (review)

pp. 430-433

El Pasado Es Un Animal Grotesco (The Past is a Grotesque Animal) (review)

pp. 433-435

The Select (The Sun Also Rises) (review)

pp. 435-437

The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane (review)

pp. 437-439

Milk Like Sugar (review)

pp. 439-441

Stick Fly (review)

pp. 441-444

Book Reviews

Sound Studies: Theories of the Material Voice

pp. 445-458

Theatre and Citizenship: The History of a Practice (review)

pp. 459-460

Performing Conquest: Five Centuries of Theater, History, and Identity in Tlaxcala, Mexico (review)

pp. 460-462

Theatre, Facilitation and Nation Formation in the Balkans and Middle East (review)

pp. 462-463

Engaging Performance: Theatre as Call and Response Call and Response (review)

pp. 463-465

The President Electric: Ronald Reagan and the Politics of Performance (review)

pp. 465-466

The Frightful Stage: Political Censorship of the Theater in Nineteenth-Century Europe (review)

pp. 466-467

Shakespeare’s Imaginary Constitution: Late Elizabethan Politics and the Theatre of Law (review)

pp. 467-469

Shakespeare and the Grammar of Forgiveness (review)

pp. 469-470

Adapting King Lear for the Stage (review)

pp. 470-471

Modernism in Kyiv: Jubilant Experimentation (review)

pp. 471-473

Mabou Mines: Making Avant-Garde Theater in the 1970s (review)

pp. 473-474

The Theatre Practice of Tadashi Suzuki: A Critical Study with DVD Examples (review)

pp. 474-475

Books Received

pp. 476-486