restricted access   Volume 7, 2012

Table of Contents

Radical Perspectivalism

pp. ix-xviii


Inventing Intervals: The Digital Image in Metropolis and Gankutsuō

pp. 3-22

Takahashi Macoto: The Origin of Shōjo Manga Style

pp. 24-55

The Face in the Shadow of the Camera: Corporeality of the Photographer in Kanai Mieko’s Narratives

pp. 57-76

Kamishibai and the Art of the Interval

pp. 78-100

Worlds in Perspective

Hokusai’s Lines of Sight

pp. 103-109

Superflat and the Postmodern Gothic: Images of Western Modernity in Kuroshitsuji

pp. 111-127

From Techno-cute to Superflat: Robots and Asian Architectural Futures

pp. 129-148

Dying in Two Dimensions: Genji emaki and the Wages of Depth Perception

pp. 149-172

Image Essay: Mobile Worldviews

pp. 173-188

Nonlocalizable Selves

Topologies of Identity in Serial Experiments Lain

pp. 191-201

From Superflat Windows to Facebook Walls: Mobility and Multiplicity of an Animated Shopping Gaze

pp. 203-221

New Halves, Old Selves: Reincarnation and Transgender Identification in Ōshima Yumiko’s Tsurubara-tsurubara

pp. 223-246

Energetic Matter

Audiovisual Redundancy and Remediation in Ninja bugeichō

pp. 249-262

Moving the Horizon: Violence and Cinematic Revolution in Ōshima Nagisa’s Ninja bugeichō

pp. 264-280

Anatomy of Permutational Desire, Part III: The Artificial Woman and the Perverse Structure of Modernity

pp. 282-297


pp. 299-300